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Angel Rosen - Superstition: Work

Content Warning: gore, dark themes

Angel Rosen - Superstition: Work

Angel Rosen - Superstition

I am bad luck profoundly articulated. That’s right,

I get twenty-two every time. I am a fifty-dollar bill

split in half, I am the salt over your shoulder

that turns into someone else’s heart attack.

I am a walked-through ladder that

a bride tips over

when her groom walks in and sees the dress,

the ladder strikes a mirror,

which cracks in thirteen places,

a black cat cuts its tongue on the glass,

lapping up spilt milk.

Friday opens an umbrella in their attic.

Rain never comes, but the sky falls in

six-hundred-and-sixty-six pieces.

For a cure,

I bludgeon a rabbit for its foot,

I eat sixteen clover leaves,

I put my body through

the wood chipper, knock, knock.

Luck starts at birth.

Investigate the full moon, investigate Mercury.

There is no bad astronomy.

Angel Rosen - Superstition: Work

Angel Rosen (she/her) has work forthcoming with Gutslut Press, Evoke and Olney. I've been writing for two decades, trying to unburden my enormity.

Angel Rosen - Superstition: Work

Photograph by Mathew Harrison

Photographer Mathew Harrison brings his love of the natural world to his photographic work. A member of the Royal Photographic Society, he has an exhibition of his work at The Yorkshire Arboretum in November. With his other hat on he works with a team leading one of North Yorkshire's most respected and ethically driven visitor attractions. You can say hi to Mathew on Twitter @iphotomat

Angel Rosen - Superstition: Work
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