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Content Warning: themes of blood, grief, loss

Anthony Perconti – Somnonautika: Work
Sugar de Santo - Apollos Fashion.jpg
Anthony Perconti – Somnonautika: Work

Anthony Perconti – Somnonautika

            In that other world, The Great Dreaming,

I’ve searched high and I’ve searched low.

Still to no avail.

I wandered the Labyrinth, that vast circulatory system, 

Of a fallen and disgraced Empyreanoid for decades.

Traveled to New Venice and Anti-Venice,

And sought counsel with its Guild of Invisible Cartographers to send me on my way.

In filthy rags and half starved, I made obeisance to the Lords Zagar, Hypnos and Nott,

In their shadowy temples. 

We, the penitents sharing that familiar haggard expression on our countenances.

In bazaars that stretch from horizon to horizon,

On the outskirts of Euphemia,

Millions upon millions did I encounter,

But not one of them was you.

I broke bread with The Parliament of the Azure Suns,

We talked at great length of their native Brane and the wonders therein.

They wished me safe journeys and strong solar winds at my back.

In the nameless tomb-city, its umbral denizens thronged and swarmed me,

Teeth gnashing and claws seeking,

Scarlet furrows tracing my body, a roadmap of blood. 

In the service of The Madonna of the Broken Sphere,

I made away with a page of The Lost Purana,

From the library of The Cosmic Engineer, 

To barter for a scrap of information on your whereabouts. 

I count the hours until sunset.

These last two years, since your passing have been unbearable, 

In the quotidian, waking world. 

The oneiric causeway stretches before me,

A shimmering, prismatic ribbon. 

I will not rest until I look into your eyes,

And hold you in my arms once more. 

Anthony Perconti – Somnonautika: Work

Anthony Perconti lives and works in the hinterlands of New Jersey with his wife and kids. He enjoys well-crafted and engaging stories from across a variety of genres and mediums. He can be found on Twitter @AnthonyPerconti.

Anthony Perconti – Somnonautika: Work

Artwork: Apollos Fashion by Sugar de Santo

Sugar de Santo (he/him) is a german, gay/queer disabled, retried visual artist and poet. He lives in Berlin, Germany. His work is published online and on paper at „The Storms“, „Beaver-Magazine“, „Spirtus Mundi, Issue 2: Identites“ and „brack-magazine, Issue 1: Tech Support“. Find him at social media: sugar_de

Anthony Perconti – Somnonautika: Work
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