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Belinda Rimmer - She Only Wants What She Cannot Have

after The King's Daughter Cries for the Moon,

from, The Little Bookroom, Eleanor Farjeon, 1955

When the cock crows morning

the King's Daughter awakes.

On her bedside-table sits the moon;

lovelier, shinier than a silver plate.

What can I do with it? she thinks.

Feed it, wish upon it, crumble it into cheese?

She tells the moon to go home,

for tidal pull and glowing skies.

But it will not leave.

She finds a place of harbour,

a don't-tell-a soul place.

She waits for Night to come,

as Night will,

to reclaim her moon.


Belinda Rimmer’s poems are widely published. In 2018, she came second in the Ambit Poetry Competition, and she was also runner-up in the 2019 Stanza Poetry Competition. She is also a joint winner of the Indigo-First Pamphlet Competition, 2018, with her pamphlet, Touching Sharks in Monaco. Later this year, her chapbook, How To Be Silent, based on the life and work of Tllie Olsen, will be published by dancing girl press.


Artwork: A Piece of the Night by M.P. Pratheesh (poem object piece, 2 images)

M.P. Pratheesh is a poet and photographer who lives and works in Kerala, southern state of India. He has published seven collections of poetry in Malayalam Language. His formal and object poems have appeared or been accepted in various places including poetry anthologies Singing in the dark (Penguin), Greening the earth (forthcoming from Penguin) and in journals like RlC journal, Tiny seed, Indianapolis Review, kavyabharati, The Bombay Review, Raum, Covenpoetry, Keralakavitha, Guftugu, True copy, Indian Literature and elsewhere.