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Elia Karra – Two Poems: Work

Elia Karra – Two Poems

Elia Karra – Two Poems: Text

Content Warning: dark themes, mentions of kidnapping, death

Elia Karra – Two Poems: Work


Sister, we

wait under the pyre of a

            saffron sun

            stone-silent, weeping

How foolish were we to think we

           escaped the curse—or

is it tradition, threaded in

            the loom of our fate

Man sees, man

            takes, rips you from

            your home, from

our home empty, the hearth

            embers and coal,

                        the roof

crumbling marble, powder

            snow on our peploi

Sister, we

            wait under

eons, crowned with endless

            moons, cradling

our yearning in our sternums

Elia Karra – Two Poems: Work

On Orpheus and Eurydice

We watch the gods birth

new stars, a golden lyre

embroidered in ink

Orpheus is dead, yet no

one mourns him,

only Eurydice in Tartarus,

the constellations shrouded

under her sky of soil

(it’s better this way, she says

she loves the man, not the strings)

This time, he doesn’t come for her

The gods have taken him

She curses them all

she curses him, too, knowing

had she been the one to look

for him in the abyss

she would pluck out her eyes

Elia Karra – Two Poems: Work

Elia Karra (she/they) is an author and filmmaker from Athens, Greece. Their work has appeared in HAD, The Daily Drunk, Crow & Cross Keys, and others. Visit or say hi on Twitter at @eliakarra.

Elia Karra – Two Poems: Work

Artwork: Blue Sphinx Girl by Bethy Williams

Bethy Williams is an artist, an autodidact, an arrangement of information in spacetime, and a native and permanent resident of the Milky Way galaxy. She is the creator of the ongoing webcomic The Adventures of Siân and Errol (And Other Stories). She lives and works in Wilton, New Hampshire.

Elia Karra – Two Poems: Work
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