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Erich von Hungen – The Found Artifact: Work

Erich von Hungen – The Found Artifact

It is an artifact

as patinaed, dusted, chipped,

as stained and incomplete

as any ancient shard an archeologist might find,

this, this song I leave you.

For only in the making and the finding

of the music, not in the singing of it, itself,

is the song, this artifact,

whole, without disconnect,

without the broken-lipped stone

statue on a distant beach.

There may be beauty, true,

in galleries and museums

but they are just the leavings,

filed and rasped away

from the original, that moment

that comes before, that sees farther

than that simple frozen view.

The curves, the symmetry, the balance,

the color and the rest is not and

never will be the thing itself.

It, all that, is a commemoration,

a memory of that moment.


this thing above these steps

and tracks, above these shadows,

remains those memories found now

discovered in my opened hand. 

Erich von Hungen – The Found Artifact: Work

Erich von Hungen is a writer from San Francisco, California. His writing has appeared in The Colorado Quarterly, The Write Launch, Versification, Green Ink Press, The Hyacinth Review, Ink Drinkers and others. He has launched four collections of poems. The most recent is "Bleeding Through: 72 Poems Of Man In Nature". Find him on twitter @PoetryForce.

Erich von Hungen – The Found Artifact: Work

Artwork/visual poem: Ammonite by JP Seabright

JP Seabright (she/they) is a queer disabled writer living in London. They have two solo pamphlets published and two collaborations, encompassing poetry, prose and experimental work. More info at and via Twitter @errormessage.

Erich von Hungen – The Found Artifact: Work
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