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Erin Brady – Omnipotent: Work

Erin Brady – Omnipotent

I filter my tea leaves to clarify sunlight.

I scrawl logic on scrap paper and the golden ratio begins to wind.

Silence melts on my tongue. Mountains whisper stories.

The earth grows green in the palm of my hand.

I take the land and shape it to a plan.

Crumbs on my plate swirl as desert dunes. I pour oceans

from glass jars and shake snow through a sieve.

I find love, unrequited, and it rains for years.

When I hand over creation, I sign the terms

and conditions without reading them.

Ignoring the fine print at the bottom of the page,

I sit back and wait for the world to turn upside down.

Erin Brady – Omnipotent: Work

Erin Brady is a queer, UK-based translator who has lived in five countries and is currently studying an MA in Creative Writing at the University of Birmingham. She translates everything from comic scripts to academic articles, and has had poems published in Sky Island Journal and parentheses (Barcelona), among others.

Erin Brady – Omnipotent: Work

Photograph: in oratione by michelle barnett

michelle barnett is a poet, writer, photographer, and lecturer. Her Baltimorean roots keep her planted, but she travels when wanderlust strikes, which is often. She is obsessed with butterflies and blue poppies.  Her work is published in various online and print books, journals, & mags, and in her poetry collection blue poppy girl.

Erin Brady – Omnipotent: Work
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