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Content Warning: themes of blood & violence

Hannah Shapiro – Neshama: Work
Helen Gwyn Jones - Decipher.jpg
Hannah Shapiro – Neshama: Work

Hannah Shapiro – Neshama

When I find you,

I will remind you that water
shapes us

and fire breaks us.

Neshama, you have left my

heart in the embers.

You have left this pulse to

forget the beats that have

left bruises on the moon.

In the summer, I will melt

these chains into gold.

In the spring, your skin

will soften into cheesecloth.

In the winter, I will buy you flowers—

red roses dripping onto

crisp white snow,

how the very sight of them

makes you fall to your knees.

Hannah Shapiro – Neshama: Work

Hannah Shapiro (she/they) lives and writes on the unceded territory of the Algonquin Anishinabe Nation. She holds a BA in English Literature from Carleton University. Their work has been published in Bywords, Rough Cut Press, and elsewhere. Hannah is the Poetry Editor of Sumac Literary Magazine, which is set to release its first issue in April 2023. You can find her @_hannahshapiro_ on Instagram and Twitter. 

Hannah Shapiro – Neshama: Work

Artwork: Decipher by Helen Gwyn Jones

Helen Gwyn Jones (she/her) started recording her world at the age of 8 when she bought a Brownie camera from her sister, something which has become a lifelong passion. A collector of the past (hers and other people’s) she likes nothing better than muted images of imperfection.  May be found poring over Welsh grammar books when not photographing drains or going into raptures over rust.  Recent publications include Hungry Ghost Project, Free Flash Fiction, Acropolis Journal, Paddler Press, Blink-Ink, Hecate, Pareidolia, Moss Puppy, The Levatio, Camas, Subliminal, Terse. Instagram / Twitter:  @helengwynjones Facebook: Helen Gwyn Jones Photographic Artist

Hannah Shapiro – Neshama: Work
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