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D.C. Nobes - Mossy pillar with lichens.jpg
Matthew M.C. Smith – Meta: Work

Matthew M.C. Smith – Meta

I could say that the sliver of sunset

is a dragon’s keep, its body

blood-brown on spoils of gold

and that the glowering clouds

are phantom mountains ascending

to a night of jagged stars. But all

these words, thrown like spears

in darkness, lose their lancing

trajectories; the poem is writing

and rewriting itself, it is resonance

in cold and reflex. It is still gold

on the horizon, burning its brightest

and my throat is still humming words

on ragged breath as I scratch out patterns

in ink. This is play, not final, never final –

and replay. As I see back,

a poem is rewriting itself.

Matthew M.C. Smith – Meta: Work

Matthew M.C. Smith is a Swansea poet. His latest collection is The Keeper of Aeons with Broken Spine Arts. He also has a campaign pamphlet ‘Paviland: Ice and Fire’, to bring about the return of the ‘Red Man of Paviland’ to Swansea from Oxford.

Matthew M.C. Smith – Meta: Work

Photograph: Mossy pillar with lichens by D.C. Nobes

D.C. Nobes is a scientist who spent his first 39 years in or near Toronto, Canada, then 23 years based in Christchurch, New Zealand, 4 years in China, and has now retired to Bali. He used to enjoy winter but admits that he doesn’t miss the snow or the cold. His work has appeared in Tarot Poetry NZ and The Violet Hour, and is in press in miniMAG, Karma Comes Before, The Hooghly Review, Poetry as Promised, Whimsical Publishing Press, and Boats Against the Current.

Matthew M.C. Smith – Meta: Work
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