Karin Hedetniemi - Waxing Sturgeon Moon.jpg

Content Warning: dark themes


Simon Alderwick – ever since i drowned

i lie on the bed of the lake

my mouth open, my hand outstretched

knowing no one will save me

& every day i track the sun

& every night i track the moon

these slowly drawing curtains

& i admit i am in love with her

the sun could disappear

i wouldn’t look for him, but if the moon

should not appear at her allotted slot

i'll search the bed, turning over rocks

releasing air bubbles i cannot breathe

& living things i cannot see

my world is dark when she abandons


Simon Alderwick grew up in Surrey but currently lives in Pembrokeshire, Wales. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Magma, Ink Sweat & Tears, Dust, Broken Spine, and Feral, among others. He's on Twitter @SimonAlderwick


Photograph: Waxing Sturgeon Moon by Karin Hedetniemi

Karin Hedetniemi is a nonfiction writer and street photographer from Vancouver Island, Canada, inspired by the natural world, and ordinary beauty in quiet places. Her photos and cover images are recently published in CutBank, Pithead Chapel, Invisible City, Barren Magazine, Parentheses, and nominated for Best of the Net from The Bitchin' Kitsch. Find Karin on Twitter/Instagram @karinhedet and AGoldenHour.com.