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Letitia Jiju - Jesus Walks on Water.jpg
Zoe Davis – Just sink: Work

Zoe Davis – Just sink

she whispers, sun-cut ocean lapping kisses at my neck.


into the abyss of moss and stone and dive back,

back to the beginning, when the world

was a reflection of the divine.

Breath soft pressed into parted lips

bubbles a promise of exploration. There is only

halo-light to guide us now, pillars of some great hall arcing above

forming entrance through a window

this exuberant thief simply wishing to steal a view of all that once was.

Yet these are no mortal remains, built by hands that once cupped manna. This empire drowned

beneath the waves

temples burning as they fell, crude and meteoric

into the throne of the Pacific. I see scars burnt on white marble; tumbled statues weeping, cracking the fairest of faces.

Stained glass mackerel dazzle, and I am hooked, following her jellyfish form

robes cascading round smooth pebble legs

pulsing, in time

to my quickening


There is warning in her fathomless eyes as she grasps my cheeks

for the second time

lips harpooning my own

in the ruins of Heaven

where only the sirens remain and

I am caught.

Oh, I am caught.

Zoe Davis – Just sink: Work

Zoe Davis is an emerging writer and artist from Sheffield, England. She studied English Literature at Lancaster University and writes in a number of styles and genres. When she is not writing, Zoe can be found drawing, baking, and playing para ice hockey- just not at the same time. You can follow her on Twitter @MeanerHarker where she is always happy to have a virtual coffee and a chat.

Zoe Davis – Just sink: Work

Artwork: Jesus Walks on Water by Letitia Jiju

Letitia Jiju is an Indian poet who through her work explores the intermingling of mother tongue, religion & generational trauma. Her poems have appeared/are forthcoming in trampset, ANMLY, The Lumiere Review, Moist Poetry Journal and elsewhere. She reads poetry for Psaltery & Lyre. Find her on Instagram/Twitter @eaturlettuce.

Zoe Davis – Just sink: Work
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