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Edward Michael Supranowicz - Fighting Darkness.jpg
Attracta Fahy - Alchemist: Work

Content Warning: dark themes

Attracta Fahy - Alchemist: Work

Attracta Fahy - Alchemist

I have always loved broken things,

an alchemist transforming,

pain to gold, to love.

It is what it is now, all that I knew.

We are who we are, forgive


I didn’t know how else to come at it.

Attracta Fahy - Alchemist: Work

Attracta Fahy Psychotherapist, MA.Writing NUIG. October winner in Irish Times New Irish Writing 2019, Pushcart, Best of Web nominee, shortlisted for Over The Edge New Writer 2019, Allingham Poetry festival 2019 & 2020. Her poems have been published in many magazines at home and abroad. Fly on the Wall Poetry published her debut chapbook collection Dinner in the Fields, in March ’20.

Attracta Fahy - Alchemist: Work

Artwork: Fighting Darkness by Edward Michael Supranowicz

Edward Michael Supranowicz is the grandson of Irish and Russian/Ukrainian immigrants. He grew up on a small farm in Appalachia. He has a grad background in painting and printmaking. Some of his artwork has recently or will soon appear in Fish Food, Streetlight, Another Chicago Magazine, The Door Is a Jar, The Phoenix, and other journals. Edward is also a published poet.

Attracta Fahy - Alchemist: Work
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