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Daniel Sluman - a disabled dream: Work

Content Warning: dark themes

Daniel Sluman - a disabled dream: Work

Daniel Sluman - a disabled dream


                                                   to never swallow a pill


         to have a body that barely lifts a whisper

                      to never find yourself alone

         watching the first honeyed light of the day run         

                      to dream of a body held together like a cloud

         falling into rain     to gently touch the rooftops

                      of ruined factories a thousand tender places

         at once   to have a body not in need of saving

                      that doesn’t click on & off through the night

         like this broken fan   the side effects of our drugs

                      like badly-cut holes leaking light

         over the carpet in agony in doubt      christ              

                      to never need to qualify our love

          in bed at night   every tomorrow pressing down

                      firming almost hard enough to touch

Daniel Sluman - a disabled dream: Work

Best viewed on desktop, please also find a PDF file available to download here.

Daniel Sluman - a disabled dream: Files

Daniel Sluman is a 34-year-old disabled poet and disability rights activist. He co-edited the first major UK Disability poetry anthology Stairs and Whispers: D/deaf and Disabled Poets Write Back, and he has published two poetry collections with Nine Arches Press, his second, the terrible was released in 2015. He has appeared widely in UK poetry journals and his third collection of poetry single window is to be published by Nine Arches Press in Autumn 2021. He tweets @danielsluman

Daniel Sluman - a disabled dream: Work

Photograph: Freedom by Arun Kapur

Enigmatic. Charismatic. Passionate. Lover of life and all truth that binds us together. Arun Kapur is a mental health advocate that uses the medium of the arts to raise awareness of stigmas and well-being. Through poetry and film, he aims to amplify untold stories of unheard voices.

Daniel Sluman - a disabled dream: Work
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