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Content Warning: death, dark themes


Janet Hatherley - British Museum—rooms 15, 17 and 20

To walk on Xanthos is to place your feet

on the footsteps of three thousand years, soundless.

To feel them in the air, the dust, a goat’s bleat,

sudden streaks of the sun and then—yes—

the dark rolling clouds over the mountains.

It is to see in space, to put slowly

your hand on the wall of a tomb, Lycian

and be grounded. To see tombs, three,

that have been dismantled, taken across seas,

placed in rooms, closed in by low ceilings and walls,

dimly lit, air conditioned—see that it is

perfectly fitting, but they’re a puzzle

not the real picture. And Xanthos in spirit

like dust, falls through Charles Fellows’ sieve. Then exit.


Janet Hatherley lives in London and is a special needs teacher. She has poems published in several magazines and anthologies including The Interpreter’s House, Under the Radar, Stand, Coast to coast to coast, Brittle Star, Spelt, Green Ink, Dust and Feline Utopia. She was shortlisted in Coast to Coast to Coast’s portfolio competition, 2020. 


Photograph: Another Life in Chania by Karin Hedetniemi

Karin Hedetniemi is a writer and street photographer from Vancouver Island, Canada, inspired by the natural world, and ordinary beauty in quiet places. Her photos appear in a variety of literary journals including Barren Magazine, Parentheses Journal; on the covers of The Bitchin Kitsch, Nightingale & Sparrow; and forthcoming on Pithead Chapel. Karin's other creative loves are nonfiction, haiku, and erasure poetry. Find her on Twitter/Instagram @karinhedet and at AGoldenHour.com.