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Matthew M.C. Smith - Reunion: Work

Content Warning: dark themes

Matthew M.C. Smith - Reunion: Work

Matthew M.C. Smith - Reunion

Penelope and Odysseus

In the harbour, the sails are shrouds. The town

is a sleeping dog at its master’s feet.

They lie in the heat of night, dark forms

in silver light. With a gentle rise of wind,

the palace and Royal room are cooled

by the sea. She lies still, skin prickled,

her body barely betraying breath.

Her first finger rises, feels his ribs,

smooths a ridge of strung muscle

under his bow arm, a column of sinews.

Now crouched, she kisses his neck,

pursed lips touching a grizzled beard,

a faint taste and smell of wine and salt.

Her tongue is light on a whorl of skin,

a scar from eye to cheek. His sleep

is restless, a taut frame which she

shapes and cups with her palm.

Earlier, they crossed over, a pulsing,

a piling of limbs, a shine of two swords

clashing in Athena’s light; surging,

heaving, rhythms of rapture and fall.

Matthew M.C. Smith - Reunion: Work

Matthew M. C. Smith is a writer from Swansea. He was brought up on Robert Graves and Roger Lancelyn Green classical stories. He is 'Best of the Net' nominated (2020) and his work can be read in Barren Magazine, Anti-Heroin Chic, Icefloe Press, The Lonely Crowd and Finished Creatures. Matthew is the editor of Black Bough poetry. Twitter: @MatthewMCSmith Insta: smithmattpoet

Matthew M.C. Smith - Reunion: Work

Photograph: Skies by Arun Kapur

Enigmatic. Charismatic. Passionate. Lover of life and all truth that binds us together. Arun Kapur is a mental health advocate that uses the medium of the arts to raise awareness of stigmas and well-being. Through poetry and film, he aims to amplify untold stories of unheard voices.

Matthew M.C. Smith - Reunion: Work
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