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S Reeson - Tranquillity: Work

S Reeson - Tranquillity

As she rises, I begin; continual improvement

from the pull that sends me forward,

no longer holding back… as she traverses,

we find comfort in a night, time’s slumber

once was fitful, without hope simply

becomes most vital space to contemplate:

as she falls, they begin anew, remembrance of

an epoch when mood was someone’s life

a passage across wax and wane, mind’s game

nobody ever played but everybody knew

allowance of transition through marked phases

acceptance of concern, pale light performed.

S Reeson - Tranquillity: Work

S Reeson [she/they] is 54 and a multidisciplined artist who has suffered with anxiety since childhood. In 2019 they were identified as a Historic Trauma survivor, and are currently pursuing a neurodivergence diagnosis via the NHS. They are married, have two children, and came out as bisexual during the 2010’s. When not writing, taking pictures or starting conversations online they can be found running, cycling or lifting increasingly heavy weights.

S Reeson - Tranquillity: Work

Artwork (hybrid poem/photograph): this judgement by S Reeson

S Reeson - Tranquillity: Work
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