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Cynthia Horvath – The House of Kingdom Come

                                               He confesses in a whisper, probably not.

           I felt the trees

           waiting for the rain,

           but instead, it was

           white, cold wetness

           determined to make landfall

           a branch at a time.

                                               His gravel-grey eyes say no – you don’t


           These are the days

           where we begin

           to forget



                               Adamant, he proclaims: I will not comment on that.

           If snow can fall

           softly on the world

           perhaps all is

           not lost.

                                               I start as a knot.

Best viewed on desktop, please also find a PDF file available to download here.

Cynthia Horvath is an encaustic artist, photographer and poet. She was one of nine poets selected for the August 30/30 Project by Tupelo Press in 2018. Her poem "Cold as the Deepest Moonlight" was published in 2020 for the Gemini issue of Finding the Birds literary journal. Her poem "Ever is a Long Time" was published in 2020 by Lucky Jefferson. Cynthia had three poems featured in Orcanus, the inaugural issue of Night Sky Press in 2021. Her encaustic art piece "Raven" was recently featured in Acropolis in 2021. She is currently at work on her debut chapbook Dark Leopard of the Moon.

Photograph: Over Story by Cynthia Horvath

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