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Content Warning: dark themes, death, mental health

Ivan de Monbrison – After Life

There is an iron coffin, there are hands that come out of my pockets and support my thought, but the night is without walls.

You speak, but you speak the words backwards, so to understand you we have to turn the piece of paper over and look through it as through a mirror.

The star on your forehead shines so brightly that it reaches your brain and makes a hole in it through which you lose your blood.

So your road is red in the dark of the night.

This is a picture cut in two by a red line, no, this is the shadow of my desire.

I take the star in my hand, it is made of glass and can break, and I put it on the ceiling.

It floats in the evening air, like the reflection of a cloud on the water, like the flight of a stone bird in an icy night.

Ivan de Monbrison is a poet, writer and artist living in Paris born in 1969. He has studied oriental languages there after high school, not with great success. Ivan has autistic and schizophrenic tendencies that he has been trying to cope with through art, in the past twenty years of his life. He has published some poems in the past.

Photograph: Static Twilight by Devon McConnell Bacon

Devon McConnell Bacon is a writer and photographer. They live in the mountains with their partner, kids, and dogs. They can be found @Ravenlore23 on Twitter.

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