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Content Warning: death, dark themes

Kit Ingram - The Dark One of Strophades.jpg

Kit Ingram – The Dark One of Strophades

‘…no crueller plague, ever rose from

the waters of Styx, at the gods’ anger.’


—Virgil, The Aeneid, Book III: 215-216

Follow the stones of a

tumbledown wall to where

they crumble into a question.

Dusk or another disaster beats fire at

the silhouettes of the far tombs.

What do you suppose these

dark piles are, all glint and menace?

We stitch between answers.

A shriek on the wind!

We’re getting deeper into a

state we can’t easily return from.

You hum a lullaby

while I stumble over lines

from an epic poem.

The ancients wrote of

a bird that sizzles into ash and

rises anew. You scoop a handful of

feathers, lustred as onyx.

Raven? Crow? One escapes and

whisks onto the head of a shadow.

It turns to speak in a gale of whispers,

cracking its wings on the air.

Do you know what I am?

Come closer! And I see a monster

gentled by a human face.

The last of the harpies,

a lonely storm.

Kit Ingram is a queer Canadian poet and novelist based in London. His work has been published in Magma and Ambit and appeared in several global anthologies including Poems from Pandemia (ed. Patrick Cotter). Recent poetry of Kit's was commended in the 2021 Ambit International Competition, the 2021 Fish Prize, and the 2020 Bridport Prize, among others. Alice and Antius, his debut work of poetry, was published in November 2021 by Penrose Press. More at: 

Artwork by Kit Ingram

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