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Content Warning: blood, dark themes

Laura Warner Cup 1 Chemicals and Light.jpg

Leia Butler – White with yellow and green pineapples

Tonight is an anniversary.
Tonight I am ignoring.
Tonight the label on the bottle is ripping,
and I am not I am not I am not,
these are not the right wine vibes.
And how can I drink this in front of your face,
and you ask me if it tastes nice,
and how can I say no when you bought it for me,
and you are still smiling,
and I imagine your insides,
and this is handwash only,
and my fingernails are bleeding.

Leia Butler is a poet who loves to play around with words when it comes to sound, appearance, and form. She has a BA from the University of East Anglia in English Literature and Creative Writing (2021). Leia is the founder and head editor of Full House Literary Magazine. Her debut pamphlet, Tear and Share, released with Broken Sleep Books in August 2021, and encourages an interactive tear-out aspect. She is a previous winner of a Streetcake experimental writing prize 2019. Her other work can be found at and in Babel Tower Notice Board, Re-side, and Streetcake. 

Artwork: Cup 1: Chemicals and Light by Laura Warner

Laura Warner (she/her) is a poet and PhD researcher at the University of Exeter. Her project, Menstrual Poetics, uses poetry to explore the impact of menstrual politics on lived experience of the condition endometriosis. Her work has appeared in Poetry Wales, Streetcake Magazine, Tangled Locks Journal, and Lucy Writers Platform.  Twitter: @warner_writer @MenstrualPoetic

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