Welcome to Acropolis Journal, a new online poetry magazine, founded in 2021. Home for temples, ruins, darkness and myth. We love all kinds of poetry, but are particularly drawn to dark, emotional pieces. 

We love poems surging with imagery, your surreal, your gothic, caverns, labyrinths, the depths of the abyss, your grit, your confessional, your shrapnel of memories spun to dark velvet.

We want to read that piece you stayed up writing into the full moon, when the crackling darkness turned to dust. We want that poem you love but keeps getting rejected, any hybrid or strange pieces you can't define. We also like the odd cat poem.

Curving Staircase
Photograph of a blue rose in a silver heart box



Louise Mather is a writer, poet and artist from Northern England. Her work is published or forthcoming in magazines such as Fly on the Wall Press, streetcake magazine, The Cabinet of Heed, Hecate Magazine, Versification, Crow & Cross Keys, Dust Poetry Magazine, Not Deer Magazine and Lanke Review. She writes about ancestry, rituals, endometriosis, fatigue and mental health. She is also editor of the cat-themed anthology Feline Utopia, published earlier this year. You can find her on Twitter @lm2020uk