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Issue Four - Unthemed

Submissions open 23rd April to 6th May with publication planned for summer 2022.

We can’t wait to read your submissions and would especially like to hear from new and emerging writers, and under-represented voices. If you have contributed to earlier issues, we love your work and are always happy to read more, but consideration may be first given to writers we've not featured before.

Send up to 3 poems/artwork/photographs to feel free to send a few of each if you want, we aren’t too fussed if you e-mail them all in together, just be mindful of file sizes (ideal image size is a few mb).

We tend to prefer to read poems under two pages, but we’re flexible. If you’re not sure what it is, or it’s more of a hybrid piece, send it to us anyway.

Please attach as .doc or .docx. If your poem has any specific formatting or shape please ALSO send a PDF or JPG.

Any font is fine - if in doubt, Times New Roman 12pt single spaced (A5 may be easier to work with to maintain line breaks when publishing). If your poem has any spacing/formatting (including justified text) we will also make a PDF file available to download as our site may display them slightly differently. On our mobile site, some line breaks may be different.

Simultaneous submissions are fine - just let us know if they are accepted elsewhere. We aim to reply to all submissions within four weeks, if you haven’t heard back after that, please feel free to get in touch.

Please be reassured we will do everything to respect writers and artists. There will never be any charges and we will always treat you and your work with care and kindness. You retain the rights to any poems published. Please credit Acropolis Journal in any future publications. Issues will be published on our site and available from our archives. Submissions are free. Unfortunately, we can't offer payment at this time.

If you would like to please include a bio in a cover note (approx 50-100 words). Tell us as much or as little as you want to about you and your poems, if there’s a particular one you want us to focus on, let us know. Please include trigger warnings, as these will be used on our site, and if you are submitting artwork/photography/hybrids, please include a written description so we can display this. If you have any questions or other requirements for accessibility, please feel free to message. If you can't attach a .doc/docx, please paste your work into the body of your e-mail. If we ask you to send more, we mean it! We look forward to reading your submissions.