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Bianca Pina – broken things: Work

Bianca Pina – broken things

                                       it’s beautiful        it leaves one nothing

                                      when broken

                                                                     to do but carve

                                                                     something slow


                     is a childhood a quarry

                         that could have been

                                       a grassed hill       it’s not possible

                                      earth’s organs      to glide the slabs:

                                                slide out      rust-veined rock

                                in heaving blocks       lucent crystal

                                                                      back into place

                                         my memory     

                                        a fallen plate       to cover it

                                         some pieces       over –

                                                  are lost

                                 others slice open       there will never be

                                                                       a hill there

                                                    a hand

                                            in collecting      my life

                                                                       a museum

                                           it’s beautiful      no, a temple

                                   when it’s broken      for broken things

Bianca Pina – broken things: Work

Best viewed on desktop, please also find a PDF file available to download here.

Bianca Pina – broken things: Files
Bianca Pina – broken things: Work

Bianca Pina is a multi-media Artist and Poet based in London. Her work encompasses many mediums including language, ink, clay, pixels, photography and illustration. As a neurodivergent Bianca works in constellations rather than with strict linear ideas. Her poetry often has an arresting, brittle quality that can be both jagged and tender and explores the complex fields of family and personal history. Bianca has completed a MA in Writing Poetry through Newcastle University & The Poetry School London. She has published a chap book titled "Artificial & Otherwise" with Good Space Gallery for their Machine Dreams exhibition. Her work can be found on and on social media @Bianca___pina

Bianca Pina – broken things: Work

Artwork: Youniverse by Bianca Pina

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