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Issue Five

Issue Five: Text


Issue Five: Text

Wendy Allen

Betty Doyle

Özge Lena

Elyssa Tappero

Katie Oliver

JP Seabright

Helen Openshaw

Angel Rosen

Michele Mekel

Heikki Huotari

Vikki C.

Addissyn House

Lynn Valentine

Ankh Spice

Anthony Salandy

Nikki Dudley

Leia Butler

Madeleine Goode

C. Cimmone

Jon Alex Miller

Galia Admoni

Issue Five: Issue 1

Cover Artwork: Active Shooter: An American Story by Patricia Tudosa

Featuring Artwork, Hybrids and Photography by

Laura Warner, Wendy Hess, Helen Gwyn Jones,

Gaynor Kane, Patricia Tudosa, trini decombe,

JP Seabright, Robert Frede Kenter, L.M. Cole, 

Melissa Nunez, Danny Leonard, Kerriann Curtis,

Arden Hunter and Claire-Lise Kieffer

Edited by Louise Mather

Guest Reader: Elizabeth M. Castillo

Issue Five: Text
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